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As Americans live longer, more of us are facing the emotional and legal issues that come with caring for aging loved ones. We also must face the legal issues that come with inheritance.

At Friedman Law LLC in Northeast Ohio, we help people through the difficult issues of elder law and the often cumbersome process of estate administration.

Understanding Probate And Estates

When a person passes away, all of his or her property is known as the estate. Under Ohio law, a probate court oversees administration of the estate to satisfy any debt and distribute the assets to the person's heirs.

If the person left a valid estate plan, the probate court oversees the distribution of assets according to the plan. If not, the probate court distributes the estate according to pre-existing guidelines.

Did you know? Any outstanding debts are satisfied out of the deceased person's estate.

Estate administration is notorious for its paperwork and technical requirements. We keep track of documents, forms and due dates, and make legal motions when they are needed.

Understanding Elder Law

Elder law is a loose category that refers to a variety of legal issues that can come up as people age. A lawyer can help adult children provide for their parents or other loved ones in a number of ways.

Did you know you can help provide for an elderly or disabled loved one with a trust?

At Friedman Law LLC, we help people care for the aging with guardianships, power of attorney, health care directives, special needs trusts and other ways of planning for the high costs of nursing homes and medical care.

Understanding Guardianships

There are times when a loved one may be unable to make important decisions about their care or finances due to age, illness or accident. A guardianship is a way for one person to have legal authority over and responsibility for another person and his or her property.

We can help you establish a guardianship and ensure that you have the legal authority to make decisions for your loved one.

Understanding Special Needs Planning

When you have a child with special needs, you know that they may require extra financial assistance when you can no longer provide for them. What you may not know is that leaving your child a simple distribution in your will can prevent them from obtaining other types of assistance.

Did you know that an inheritance can affect eligibility for various types of public assistance for children with special needs?

We can help you plan for your child's future with a special needs trust that provides supplemental income while protecting his or her eligibility for other types of assistance.

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